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Opinion Essay & Visit Michoacán

Visit Michoacán.



Given the issues that have aroused as a consequence of Michoacán’s struggle against organized crime, many countries are advising not to visit Michoacán. In the following essay you’ll learn more about why this decision might be extreme and perhaps unnecessary.

Tourism In Michoacán Affected By The Alleged Drug War.

Aside from the numerous consequences of organized crime in our state, Michoacán is now economically struggling with the sequels of the unnecessary mediatic response to the so called drug war which has wrongly  mislead and driven away tourists from all around the world.

Although it is true that there has been a massive increase of crime in Morelia, and drug trafficking movement through the state of Michoacán, it is not a war zone. While this has affected the political structure of the state, economically and socially speaking Morelia has remained the same and like any other growing city has had to deal with raising crime.

Now the government, together with the media is announcing that they are fighting a “war” against drug trafficking organizations and organized crime. Though it is true that there has been an attempt to control the raising crime in the state, it should not be described as a war.

So why call it a war then? Whether it is the government or the press, the truth is that it’s all about hype and selling. The government needs to be in the good graces of the citizens, they need to be looked up to and admired so they want to create an image of heroism and courageousness. On the other hand, the media will always take the chance to create sensationalism if it increases ratings.

Drugs and violence are a global problem, here or in any other big city. What Morelia needs is help not abandonment, in order to peacefully fight against this raising problem.

Home to the legendary Monarch Butterfly, Michoacán depends economically on tourism, it is one of the main financial incomes of the state, generating hundreds of jobs. Therefore tourists are always welcomed and warmly received in Michoacán, not attacked or endangered.

Moreover, Michoacán is a beautiful worthy place to visit. From its breathtaking natural beauty in landscapes, valleys, mountains, volcanoes, forests, lakes, and beaches to beautiful historical and architectonical places such as Morelia. Michoacán is a state where remarkable historical legacy, spiritual everlasting tradition, unique exquisite cuisine and artistically accomplished craft can be found in each and every town and city.

In conclusion, we as citizens and residents of this beautiful city must take it in our hands to destroy the false image that has been presented to the rest of the world. It is now our responsibility to help and encourage tourists to visit this astonishing place.

I collected some pictures of our beautiful Michoacan, so enjoy!

Morelia's Cathedral


November 2nd.
Noche De Muertos. / Night Of The Dead

Pirekua /raditional Music/Aranza Orchestra



Monarch Butterfly



I also thought it appropriate and suitable to share with you this song, from an internationally known artist, born here in Michoacán. Though it is in Spanish he addresses this issue. In his song, Marco Antonio Solís talks about increasing violence around the world.

A Dónde Vamos A Parar?

Written and performed by: Marco Antonio Solís



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