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Descriptive Paragraph.

In My Favorite Room.

       I got in here early morning so the atmosphere in my brother’s bedroom was still cold and a little dark, then I opened the curtains. Immediately the light came into the room bouncing off the peaceful yellow ochre walls, energy flowing through the room and filling me up. I sat down near the window and opened my book. I immersed myself into another world for a while…, I paused, the smell of the coffee I had brought with me called my attention, I took a swig, letting the warmth spread down my throat. When I was done reading I put down my book, it was very quiet as I glanced around the room searching for something to do. I stared at the bed, undone, and looked at the outstanding entertainment center. I remembered how my brother had made it, it took him a long time to get it finished, but the outcome was beyond all expectations, quite large and yet minimalistic, sophisticated and neat. I walked up to it, turned on the stereo and plugged in one of my brothers i-pods, listening to the rhythmic music made me want to move. I decided to make my brother’s bed, I violently shook and carefully stretched the covers with my hands. The top blanket felt smooth and cold, like silk it flowed easily under my fingers. I looked at my finished task: pretty neat. The bed, which is one of my favorite parts of the room, was also built by my brother; dark colored, not too high, it has strong blocks of wood around the edges as decoration, along with the headboard’s unique and elegant design making it an original, one-of-a-kind bed that not only looks real nice but is really comfortable, which makes it my favorite napping space. I suddenly felt like lying down. With the closed curtains I felt relaxed, staring at that beautiful golden-sand beach, with yellow, golden and faint orange thin stripes, fixating on the little starfish and sea-snail shapes scattered across the curtains. The effect they produced as the light came through was so calming, in the twilight it felt like dusk, my favorite time of day. Later on I got up, turned on the computer and started doing my homework, the curtains slightly opened again.