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More than a year actually!

“One year… I wish I had done more, written more, shared more. I wish I could have been more responsible, more consistent,  more engaging”.


Earlier today I was looking  at my clustermap (what an ego! I know) and so I happened to notice that it’s been a year since I set it up, which automatically made me realize it’s been a year since I set up my blog. “Wow!” I thought to myself “What are you going to do about it?”…

So I began to look at some old stuff, particularly my ‘About Page‘, which I wrote when I didn’t even know how to blog yet, and I thought it needed an urgent renewal. But then I thought: “Who reads the ‘About Page‘ anyway?” so I decided to share what I came up with:

How it all started.

When I first started my Advanced Writing Course in the university I was prepared for almost anything, I knew I was about to change the way I wrote and learn so much more about writing in English, I was prepared to shake my foundations and change my perspectives. But little did I know that this blog would become such an essential tool in doing so.

It was a challenging surprise! And as it turns out I have enjoyed writing and sharing in my very own blog – (She says proudly) -. I couldn’t be more grateful with my teacher and my mentor for putting me in the right direction and for providing me with such good tools to become a better writer.

And though it’s been a long road since then and ( I have to admit) I’ve been way too inconsistent, I still have the same desire. I want to be better, and I’ll never stop fighting (even if I have to fight myself).


Blogging guidelines.

Rules are always useful and important, they help maintain order and control of what we do. So when starting to handle this new tool that is our blog we should stop to consider what is right and what is not. Here are some of the guidelines I deemed most important to share.

For our own safety we must conduct ourselves with discretion and avoid sharing personal information concerning ourselves or any of our classmates, such as: last name, address, phone number, etc.

To ensure a good outcome of this blogging experience we should always:

  • Write substantial constructivist comments and posts that will help each other improve as writers.
  • Try to use correct punctuation and grammar (help will be needed to achieve this).
  • Write in a respectful and polite manner.
  • Always read the comments that have been posted on our own blog so we can approve them or revoke them properly, according to the situation.
  • Take full responsibility for everything that appears on our blog.
  • Avoid plagiarism.
  • And MOST IMPORTANTLY: Enjoy our blogging!