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Journalistic Writing.

Journalistic Writing. (Lamb to the Slaughter)

This time our assignment was to write a news article.

After reading Roald Dahl’s short story “Lamb to the Slaughter” we had to imagine we had been at the scene of the crime as news reporters, and based upon this hypothetical situation we wrote a news article.

Aside from what I have learned about journalistic writing, I really enjoyed this activity,  it was fun to become a character of the story and imagine what it would be like being there. Anyway here it is:

Would you like to read the story first?



        Senior detective Patrick Maloney was murdered last Thursday night in his own home, no suspects have been found yet; search for the murder weapon was unsuccessful.

Apparently the detective had come home soon after 5pm and was waiting for suppertime when his wife Mrs. Mary Maloney left for the grocery store across the street for no more than twenty minutes, and came back home to find her husband dead on the living room floor. No neighbor witnessed the attack. The officer suffered an instant death, leaving behind his poor widow and his unborn child.

According to the coroner’s preliminary report, “Maloney sustained a fatal injury caused by a single blow to the head with a heavy blunt instrument, almost certainly a large piece of metal”, Lead investigator Detective Jack Noonan stated that the key to solving this murder was to find the weapon; officers suspected it might have been thrown away or hidden on the premises. Even though   the search went on for hours police officers were unable to identify said weapon.

After this most tragic event the community is left to wonder what this means in terms of security. Although the pressure is on the police department to find the murderer, no arrest has been made and any breakthroughs at this point seem unlikely.

STILL - Alfred Hitchcock Presents Lamb to the Slaughter.