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Hi! I’m Karen from Morelia, Mexico.

As you may be imagining my native language is Spanish, but technically I grew up with both Spanish and English.  I  like learning languages, I try to learn but I’m a very undisciplined person. (Nobody is perfect anyway) I have always enjoyed writing,  and I thought I’d give it a try to write in English.

This blog is my tool to become a better writer, to share my ideas and learn from others. I hope I can make it enjoyable at the same time.

How it all started.

When I first started my Advanced Writing Course in the university I was prepared for almost anything, I knew I was about to change the way I wrote and learn so much more about writing in English, I was prepared to shake my foundations and change my perspectives. But little did I know that this blog would become such an essential tool in doing so.

It was a challenging surprise! And as it turns out I have enjoyed writing and sharing in my very own blog – (She says proudly) -. I couldn’t be more grateful with my teacher and my mentor for putting me in the right direction and for providing me with such good tools to become a better writer.

And though it’s been a long road since then and ( I have to admit) I’ve been way too inconsistent, I still have the same desire. I want to be better, and I’ll never stop fighting (even if I have to fight myself).


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